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10 Tunisian sweets you should try!

The meals that come from Tunisian cuisine are seldom complete without having a dessert delicacy in the mix. Tunisians are very choosy, and they do take their sweets seriously. To acquaint yourself with some of the best Tunisian Sweets desserts follow this post.

1) Garn ghzal/Mehshi Tataouine

One of the most common and original Tunisian sweet dessert that is made up of sesame, almond, and walnuts. It is made by filling all the ingredients together and then enclosing them over soft dough and frying. You can make it spicier by treating it with honey syrup which is citrus flavored.

2) Makroudh

Makroudh dessert is a delicious tea or coffee snack that will leave you fully satisfied, it’s made mostly of nuts and dates but also is great when included with fresh figs, almonds, and sesame seeds. The name makroudh means diamond—and as such, is a priceless sweet dessert that contributed to the fame of the Tunisian city of Kairouan.

It's made by frying the semolina dough on oil or by baking it in the oven. It can be made more delicious by being treated with honey syrup which is either lemon or orange flavored.

3) Chickpea cookies/Ghrayba Hummus

This pastry dates back to the 15th century during the Ottoman Empire. It is usually served at the break of Ramadan, various celebrations like weddings and other religious occasions. Ghrayba Hummus is popular among the Tunisians as the perfect tea time cookie.

These delicious cookies are handmade, and its ingredients include sugar, olive oil, and chickpea flour. To make these delicious sweets you need to first knead the dough and use the palm of your hand to warm without it crumbling.

4) French Petit Four

These small French sweets cookies are famous in Tunisia since of its close tie with France. They come in a different shape and can be decorated by nuts. It’s made of key ingredients that include almond flour, butter, almond or vanilla extract, sugar, and other fitting sweeteners. French Petit Four delicacy is usually served during celebrations and social gatherings.

5) Chbabik el Janna

These Tunisian Sweets cookies are popular throughout the country and mostly among the younger generation. Its key ingredients are simple including flour, water, sugar, and eggs. It’s made by mixing all ingredients to have a creamy paste.

A special chbabik iron that gives the cookies its shape is immersed in hot oil where it achieves hotness and you can then add the dough in its opening to get fine shaped chbabik el janna cookies.

6) Tunisian Baklava

Tunisia has its unique sweet dessert, the famous Tunisian Baklava. This unique sweet cookie is made of handmade filo layers which are treated with honey and added different types of nuts such as almond, pistachio, sesame, walnuts and hazelnuts.

Almonds and hazelnuts usually give this sweet snack a crunchy taste while it’s made much sweeter by the honey syrup and rose water extract. It is served along with Mint green tea and coffee.

7) Kaak Warka

Kaak Warka is a sweet cookie made of a light layer of butter enhanced dough and made of almond flour. It is composed of marzipan enhanced geranium and rose liquid. It appears like an engagement ring and is sometimes included with gorgeous flowers.

This fine Tunisian sweet is common during the holy month of Ramadan, wedding celebrations and even during everyday tea time, it is also popular in Algeria and other Maghreb regions.

8) Samsa

Samsa is a popular sweet delicacy in North Africa particularly in Tunisia where they are commonly made during religious festivals.

They are triangular in shape and you can find them conveniently in our Tunisian Sweets Online food delivery service.

The key ingredients used to make this yummy treat include flour, honey syrup, orange water besides big variety of nuts. To prepare them, make the dough into very thin sheets or the malsouka sheets and fill it up with all ingredients and seal to golden fry.

9) Yoyo/Tunisian Doughnut

Originally the idea comes from North America but made in a Tunisian version that adds a citrusy texture that makes it stand out. It's made with flour, sugar, eggs, honey and a little spice of orange and vanilla flavors.

This delicacy represents true Tunisian cuisine and is served with an exquisite cup of mint tea or coffee. Yoyo can also be treated with sugar syrup and spiced with almonds. This Tunisian delicacy is popular during festivals and can be bought from Tunisian Sweets Delivery stores like www.tunisiansweet.com

10) Sable Biscuit

These small sweet and round shaped cookies originated from France are made using butter, almonds, orange-flavored zest, and other suitable flavors. It is usually dipped in dark chocolate or sandwiched with a sweet jam. They can be baked and sprinkled with powdered sugar to make them much tastier.


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