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We have learned the in and outs of the baklava and sweets business and realized there is something big missing and we took the initiative to focus solely on the recipes. We have tested hundreds of sweet recipes that we are sure you’ll love along with anyone in your family, friends or events that you give them to. We have built our business model around the smiles and happiness of everyone who tries our delicious sweets. We have many sweets in the dates, pistachio and almond categories. Whatever you end up gong with, we are sure you will love it and come back for more.

The sweets at Tunisian Sweets are unlike any other as we use the freshest and the simplest of ingredients. There are no foreign or unknown ingredients in our mixes, it is our style of combination that will amaze your taste buds. We are conveniently located in Tamp, Florida and ready to take orders of any size.


If you have an event and need catering, we will be glad to bring the trays of sweets and cater at your event.